Travel broadens the mind

There are a lot of ways to gain some knowledge and wisdom. Some of these ways are a bit boring: you can read a lot of textbooks. In my opinion – this way is worthless. Of course, you will gain some information in your brain but it will be only information you can check in any moment. If you want to have more precious knowledge (and wisdom!) you need some practise, not only a books*.

*books are great too, but not necessary academic textbook. Try to read reportage or biography.

In my opinion one of the best methods of gain wisdom is travelling. And of course, not every way of travelling helps you to be smarter person. If you lie on the beach whole holidays (even reading books) – that kind of travel don’t broaden your mind. The same book could you read in your home, so reading don’t count.

For example: my big USA-trip.

First of all, I decided to go alone because I wanted to meet new people, talk with them and know their perspective about different things (politics, life, education, medicine, food). At the beginning of my journey... No, at the beginning of the planning of my journey I needed to know everything about formalities (I also wanted to go to Canada and maybe a Mexico). Today I am an expert in visa or ESTA cases, really, read more here. That was the first occasion to gain some new knowledge.

My plan was very good: I really met a lot of people and spent much time on talking with them. It was very, very didactic. It was my first target. Second target – sightseeing. With my new local friends I watched a lot of old buildings but the most important things were the stories I heard from local people. Stories about people who used to live in these places, about VIPs, about weird history. It was really amazing.

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But I learned something else: today I know I can handle almost everything, even I am alone.