My favourite herbal

As I some day said – I’m very interested in traditional medicine. But I also know that we need to go to a doctor if we have healthy problems. Traditional methods are only an extra help!

I believe herbal have positive influence for our lives. They can help us with some little problems and make convalescence from a cold easier. Some herbal can strengthen hair and nails, improve skin’s condition. That’s way I prepared for you a list of my favourite herbs :)

1. Sage

I must say – I really don’t like sage tea (it has a specific taste) but I appreciate its functioning. For example sage speeds up wound healing and act antibacterial for whole body. It acts good when you have a cold: sage contains a lot of vitamin C.

2. Nettle

Everyone knew this feeling while touching the nettle – it stings so bad. But everyone in his childhood also heard from adults: “the nettle is very health, so don’t cry!”. And they was right.

The nettle tea strengthen hair and nails, improve skin’s condition and helps with stomach-aches. You can use it also to rinse your hair (it helps with dandruff).

3. Mint

We all love the peppermint smell. The peppermint is used in toothpaste because it helps with bad breath. But it is not only use of mint!

The peppermint tea placates stomach-aches and calms down in stressful situations. The mint oil helps in running nose and disinfects a throat while an angina.

And you can add it to your mojito :)