How Speed Reading Course improved my life?

When I was a girl my parents decided to send me to Foreign Languages Camp. Besides learning German I also took part in a Speed Reading Course. At that moment I thought this was a waste of time – because as a young girl I could read circa four books in a week. Is this impressive speed, isn’t it?

Luckily for me, I had no choice: all of those courses was obligatory. And first at all the coach said to us: “It is not about a pleasure reading. If you want to read for a pleasure, these methods are useless for you. But if you want to learn something by easier, faster and more effective way – this course may come in handy”. “OK, I thought, maybe he’s right”. And he was.

Speed Reading consists in reading by phrases, not by words or (even worse!) letters. At the beginning you read by sentence or verses, and teach your sight to see more space at a glance. The masters of speed reading can read whole page with one look! Amazing, yeah? I can’t read like this but I need about 4-5 looks at one page and I can remember more information than by “normal” reading.

I really recommend some Speed Reading Courses because they are a great training for our brains. And after a course you can spar a lot of time and gain more information in this shorter time. Win-win!