Travel broadens the mind

There are a lot of ways to gain some knowledge and wisdom. Some of these ways are a bit boring: you can read a lot of textbooks. In my opinion – this way is worthless. Of course, you will gain some information in your brain but it will be only information you can check in any moment. If you want to have more precious knowledge (and wisdom!) you need some practise, not only a books*.

My favourite smoothies

Smoothies are the best way to supply a lot of vitamins and nutrition. There are millions of options but remember: the best smoothies contains fruits and necessarily vegetables (there is a lot of fiber and a smaller amount of sugars).

Below three recipes for my favourite smoothies :)

How Speed Reading Course improved my life?

When I was a girl my parents decided to send me to Foreign Languages Camp. Besides learning German I also took part in a Speed Reading Course. At that moment I thought this was a waste of time – because as a young girl I could read circa four books in a week. Is this impressive speed, isn’t it?

My favourite herbal

As I some day said – I’m very interested in traditional medicine. But I also know that we need to go to a doctor if we have healthy problems. Traditional methods are only an extra help!

I believe herbal have positive influence for our lives. They can help us with some little problems and make convalescence from a cold easier. Some herbal can strengthen hair and nails, improve skin’s condition. That’s way I prepared for you a list of my favourite herbs :)